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Who We Are

ACAFE Foundation is a non-profit organization founded to support African women in the diaspora who are committed to giving back to their African roots. We provide a platform where talents, resources, and ideas converge to create a lasting impact on the African continent.  We are a central hub/platform of information/resources to help people especially women in the diaspora to sustainably give back and empower female entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

ACAFE Foundation aims to foster a powerful community of African women entrepreneurs living in the diaspora, united by a shared mission to give back to their African roots. Our platform serves as a vibrant hub where talents, resources, and ideas converge to make a lasting impact on the African continent.

Our Vision

Empower Diaspora Women for a Sustainable Africa

Empowering African women entrepreneurs in the diaspora to drive positive change and economic growth in Africa through collaboration, mentorship, and investment.

How We Do It

Empowerment: We empower African women entrepreneurs by providing a platform for networking, mentorship, and collaboration, equipping them with the tools to succeed in their businesses and positively impact Africa.

Connection: We bridge the geographical gap between the African diaspora and the continent, fostering connections that facilitate knowledge transfer, trade, and investment.

Sustainability: We are committed to sustainable development in Africa, focusing on projects and initiatives that address pressing issues in education, healthcare, gender equality, and economic growth.

Why We Do This

Our Founder

Annie J Mbale

Leader and advocate

Women Empowernment

Board Member African Chamber of Commerce St. Louis

Project Manager- World Trade Center St. Louis


Our Team.

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 A Community for African Female Entrepreneurs 

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