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Keeping our list of resources and opportunities up-to-date is our top priority. We're dedicated to regularly curating the latest grants, loans, accelerators, and fellowships so that you always have access to the most relevant options. Your contributions are invaluable too – if you come across a new opportunity, share it with us through our submission form to ensure our list remains comprehensive and diverse.

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  1. Partnership----Contact us

  2. Grant---Application opens May 26th, 2024
  3. Website Contest----Application Closed
  4. Loans----For village women only
  5. Membership​----Apply here


  1. Funding up to 250,000----Apply now

  2. An incubator that will include training, corporate advisory, coaching, mentorship and funding--- Learn more

Serving Lunch


If you work with women in africa and needs resources, here are some

  1. $10,000 grant. Applications open from 5/1/24 to 7/19/24
  2. Find business loans along with coaching and support---USA

  3. Pitch program for Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago or NYC ladies 

  4. USA women: Funding for $10,000. Apply by 5/14/2024

  5. Actively making a significant IMPACT within their communities and beyond. Open to US and Canada-based organizations. Funding of $1,000 

  6. Find grants within the UK


  1. Funding of $500. Applications are due in June 2024. Grants available to Caribbean and African women and women of African and Caribbean descent---Apply now

  2. $1,000 grants available, no strings attached, to projects and their creators

  3. Funding of 2000 Euro. Apply by 5/25/2024. Social entrepreneurship program

  4. Amazon App Store Small Business Accelerator---Learn more here

  5. Leadership Academy is for people in the non-profit sector 

  6. Global early-stage VC that runs multiple programs for business startups around the world.

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We value your feedback, so please let us know how we're doing and how we can serve you better.

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 A Community for African Female Entrepreneurs 

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